1. ZC-S600 Dental Chair Package
    2. ZC-S600 Dental Chair PackageThe 5-instrument assistant’s module is able to hold curing light, 3-way syringe, intra-oral camera, saliva ejector and high volume evacuator together, thus bringing great convenience during surgical operation. Moreover, there are several buttons on the control panel of assistant’s module to realize most functions of the main control panel.
    1. ZC-S300 Fashionable Dental Chair Package
    2. ZC-S300 Fashionable Dental Chair PackageA comfortable, relaxed patient is always a plus whatever the working situation is. So, we take the curvature of human back into consideration when making the backrest to make it very close to the patient’s back during work, thus bringing extra comfort to the patient.
    1. ZC-S300 Standard Dental Chair Package
    2. ZC-S300 Standard Dental Chair PackageThe unit body adopts unique streamlined structure, and it is manufactured from special materials. This part is easy to clean, and it won’t look like an old one even if it actually is.
      The dental chair package comes with a dentist stool whose height is adjustable.
    1. Steam Autoclave B
    2. Steam Autoclave BThis steam sterilizer uses an independent steam generator to separate steam generation process from chamber heating process. Thus, steam is created at a controllable speed, and less water is consumed. Moreover, the heating element is placed outside the sterilization chamber, so it won’t come into contact with water, thereby prolonging its service life.
    1. Steam Autoclave N
    2. Steam Autoclave NDue to the preheat button, the temperature inside the sterilization chamber is always maintained at 70°C or so. As a result, less time is needed for the chamber to reach the desired sterilization temperature, thus cutting down cycle time.
    1. Dental Compressor
    2. Dental CompressorOur dental instrument has exceptionally low noise levels while running, thus providing a quiet work environment, and this is both healthy and relaxing for dentists and patients. The low noise is resulted from a special structure which could effectively reduce the noise to lower than 65dB (for ZC300-1) when generating compressed air.
    1. Dental Vacuum Suction System
    2. Dental Vacuum Suction SystemThe suction power can be adjusted, and this depends on the number of dental units. So, waste inside the patient’s mouth can be removed both effectively and timely, without doing any damage to the patient’s oral cavity.
    1. Dental Handpiece
    2. Dental HandpieceThis dental instrument takes advantage of anti-retraction system to avoid backflow contamination, which means blood, bacteria and other foreign matters are all stopped from flowing back into our product when operation ends. So, safe operation is realized.

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