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  • Foshan JOINCHAMP Medical Device Co., Ltd.
  • Foshan JOINCHAMP Medical Device Co., Ltd.
Foshan JOINCHAMP Medical Device Co., Ltd.

Dental Equipment Manufacturer

Dental Chair Package, Dental Sterilizer, Dental Accessories

JOINCHAMP Medical Device Co,.Ltd has been a trusted provider of dental equipment since the turn of the century. We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of dental chair packages, table-top steam sterilizers, and related dental accessories. Our flagship products include the dental handpiece, dental compressor, dental vacuum suction system, and steam autoclave B/N. To accommodate a wide range of customer requirements, we now offer the default dental chair package in configurations such as standard, fashionable, and luxurious. Our mission is to provide dental clinics everywhere with reliable and competitively priced equipment. Our professional staff has at their disposal state-of-the-art technology. All components are meticulously selected and assembled in strict accordance with our quality assurance protocols.

Application Cases
    1. Germany
    2. Germany Main product sold in Germany is the ZC-S300 model. For German dental unit customers are demanding in product quality.
    1. Kazakhstan
    2. Kazakhstan We started cooperation relationship with Kazakhstan in 2010, the dental unit we provided for mainly covers ZC-S300, ZC-S500 and ZC-S700.
    1. Turkey
    2. Turkey Being one of the earliest foreign cooperative partners of Joinchamp, Turkish clients witnessed every upgrading of our products ...
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JOINCHAMP is always focused on exploring global market, and we are looking for commercial agents around the world. We can and are willing to share economic returns with our agents.

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