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Dental Chair Package

    1. ZC-S700 Dental Chair Package with Microscope The ZC-S700 dental chair package with microscope is the most recent model that quickly gained popularity after it was launched to the market. Joinchamp changes traditional treatment method and brings dentistry intelligent and innovative product.
    1. ZC-S730 Implant Dental Chair Package The precise engineering and advanced manufacturing are covered by the concise and smooth cover on ZC-S700 implant dental chair. The practical super low seat position is 380mm, which is easy for the aged, children and handicapped to get on and off.
    1. ZC-S700 Dental Chair Package ZC-S700 integral dental unit is designed ergonomically and modernly. It's elegant and with great attention to details. It's the first floor type unit of Joinchamp brand. Thick chair base with imported steel frame makes S700 one of the most stable units among our products. The floor-type unit body ensures stability of the whole dental unit. The Italian FARO operating lamp and articulated arm features accurate positioning, concentrated light, light weight and flexible movement.
    1. ZC-S600 Dental Chair Package ZC-S600 integral dental unit is a great shock to dental market released by Joinchamp. With delicate appearance, streamlined design, S600 is a perfect combination of practicality, functionality and aesthetics. It will be your intimate and reliable assistant and meet all your professional requirements. The Italian FARO operating lamp and articulated arm features accurate positioning, concentrated light, light weight and flexible movement.
    1. ZC-S530 Implant Dental Chair Package ZC-S530 Implant Dental Chair Package is designed with high stability, with a full set of configuration to meet your various needs.
      The stainless-steel doctor table is equipped with a big tray, and the rotary handpiece holder is made of aluminium alloy, more durable.
    1. ZC-S500 Dental Chair Package The ZC-S500 integral dental unit is designed with stability as its core design concept and has a rich technical configuration that can be expanded now or in the future to meet your professional needs. This control panel of this dental unit is tilted, making it easier for dentists to control. It is an LCD screen, offering a clear display of the operating status.
    1. ZC-E300 Dental Chair Package (Children Unit) ZC-S300 dental chair package is designed for aged 4 to 12 children. The minimum height of this machine is 32m so that even 4-year-old children can get in or leave the chair. Its animated appearance makes children feel like it’s a toy and feel less scared when having an oral examination. The small but delicate backrest gives children more comfort and security.
    1. ZC-S400 Dental Chair Package (2020 Type ) S400 2020 type dental chair package is designed with simple and elegant style. Its streamlined shape highlights the three-dimensional beauty. Classic and modern color matching meets your individual needs. Classic ergonomic design gives patients and doctors pleasant and comfortable experience.
    1. ZC-S400 Dental Chair Package (2018 Type) The ZC-S400 dental chair package is a newly developed product here at Joinchamp, and combines all the advanced properties of our existing dental chair units with a more stylish and comfortable appearance to ensure patient comfort and relaxation. The dental chair unit is designed with double water bottles, which reduces the frequency of needing to add distilled water, therefore ensuring a higher efficiency.
    1. ZC-A400 Dental Chair Package ZC-A400 dental chair package is a perfect combination of concise and streamlined design, exquisite craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing.
    1. ZC-A300 Dental Chair Package (2020 Type ) In order to ensure smooth operation and patient comfort, ZC-S300 2020 type dental chair packages are fully flexible for the dentist to make treatment easier. The doctor table is equipped with a big tray and a rotary handpiece holder, which is extremely practical.
    1. ZC-A300 Dental Chair Package (Standard Type) The ZC-S300 standard model is a newly developed dental chair unit from Joinchamp, with a unit body that features a clean and simple streamlined body. It is equipped with a rotatable ceramic cuspidor bowl, which makes treatment more flexible and offers additional comfort for patients. The dental unit comes with a comfortable dental chair with an adjustable height to 380mm, catering to catering to elderly, children and disabled.
    1. ZC-A200 Dental Chair Package The ZC-A200 dental chair package is an economical but practical health care device developed by us in the year of 2002, and it has been highly praised by worldwide dentists since releasing to the market. After years of improvement, this product becomes an indispensable device in dental clinics. The patient chair is only 38cm in height, and the backrest is able to move in a fast way so as to get to the desired position quickly.

As a professional dental chair package manufacturer and supplier, we have an unrivaled R&D team that is composed of many talented engineers, and these engineers have over twenty years of experience in fabricating dental equipment. On the other hand, we have set up a strict and all-encompassing quality control system to make sure that every single piece of our product is of great quality.

Our dental chair packages are available in different models to fit for every client, and they can be divided into standard type, fashionable type, luxurious type and ultra luxurious type.

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