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Dental Accessories

    1. Dental Compressor The dental compressor is able to generate clean, oil free compressed air in a highly efficient way, and it is meticulously crafted to better fit for integrated dental unit. Our dental instrument has exceptionally low noise levels while running, thus providing a quiet work environment, and this is both healthy and relaxing for dentists and patients. The low noise is resulted from a special structure which could effectively reduce the noise to lower than 65dB (for ZC300-1) when generating compressed air.
    1. Dental Vacuum Suction System The dental vacuum suction system is able to provide professional and efficient work conditions under which the dentist is able to work ergonomically and calmly enough without constant interruptions caused by the patient’s swallowing reflex. Our product supplies a remarkable suction power to deal with waste water, blood, saliva, dentin and various kinds of filling materials (plastic, ceramic, amalgam, precious metal, etc.).
    1. Dental Handpiece The dental handpiece has an ergonomic arc-line shape. So, it is beautiful in appearance and offers extra comfort to dentists during dental surgery. This dental instrument takes advantage of anti-retraction system to avoid backflow contamination, which means blood, bacteria and other foreign matters are all stopped from flowing back into our product when operation ends. So, safe operation is realized. Due to the streamlined body, this dental device is easy to clean.
    1. Intraoral Camera The intra-oral camera has a streamlined handle which is designed in accordance with ergonomics, and the handle is easy and comfortable to use. The combination of an ultra-large field angle and a very high depth of field makes our dental instrument not only suitable for diagnosing a single tooth closely, but also suitable for checking the condition of the entire oral cavity.
    1. Sealing Machine The implementation of a plastic enclosure confers some outstanding properties on our ZC-80S sealing machine, such as fashionable appearance, good insulation property, safe performance, etc. The standard surgical blade is externally placed, and it allows convenient replacement.
    1. Ultrasonic Cleaner The ultrasonic cleaner adopts external drainage structure to make it possible to change the cleaning solvent at any time. The instrument basket is especially designed for precise, delicate medical instruments, or instruments that can’t stand friction, such as high or low speed handpiece. For this ultrasonic bath, the cleaning time can be set at any value between 2 and 30 minutes, while the temperature is able to be adjusted continuously within 20-80°C.
    1. Sterilizer Bag The sterilizer bag is available in three dimensions which are 50×200mm, 75×200mm and 100×200mm. Our product is intended for use as packing material for medical devices, and it is constructed of imported medical grade paper that is heat-sealed together with a multiply PET/PP laminate. In addition, chemical indicators are also used. Please be noted that our sterilizer bag is for single use only.
    1. Water Distiller The water distiller heats tap water electrically, and then makes pure water through distillation. The produced water is applicable for medical treatment, pharmaceutical industry, electroplating process, laboratory use, etc. This water distillation device allows simple operation, and it is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials, while special treatment is also adopted. As a result, the distilled water is of great quality, and this device has a prolonged service life.

We have nearly 20 years’ experience in this field, and we can provide high-quality dental equipment accessories at reasonable price.

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