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Joinchamp International Distribution Map

JOINCHAMP is always focused on exploring global market, and we are looking for commercial agents around the world. We are willing to share economic returns with our agents.

Our Responsibility
  • Once you are designated as our commercial agent, relevant sales policy will be conducted to protect your benefit. For example, our products will be sold to you and to you only, rather than any other companies in your marketing area.
  • Based on different market demands, we will make some changes until our products are proven to fully meet end users’ requirements.
  • We promise that our products will be delivered in time, while maintaining the superior quality. This relies on our unrivalled production capacity.
  • Training course on after-sales service is available, and some extra spare parts are supplied for your after-sales service. In addition, OEM and ODM are both acceptable.

Not everyone can be one of our commercial agents, and here are some requirements.

  • You should possess good market exploring ability.
  • You should be familiar with the working principle of dental unit, which makes you capable of carrying out after-sales service.
  • The annual sales should reach a certain level, and this value varies according to different market conditions.