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JOINCHAMP Medical Device Co,.Ltd

JOINCHAMP Medical Device Co,.Ltd has been a trusted provider of dental equipment since the turn of the century. We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of dental chair packages, table-top steam sterilizers, and related dental accessories. Our flagship products include the dental handpiece, dental compressor, dental vacuum suction system, and steam autoclave B/N. To accommodate a wide range of customer requirements, we now offer the default dental chair package in configurations such as standard, fashionable, and luxurious.

Our mission is to provide dental clinics everywhere with reliable and competitively priced equipment. Our professional staff has at their disposal state-of-the-art technology. All components are meticulously selected and assembled in strict accordance with our quality assurance protocols. Completed products are rigorously inspected to further ensure performance and integrity. Considerate after-sales services allow us to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. All of these factors have contributed significantly to our role as a leader in the industry.

The reputation of JOINCHAMP is well known in local regions. Customers will typically choose our products for their performance and stability. Our core technical team includes 10 industry professionals and is a mix of domestic and foreign talent. We operate 8 major production lines to ensure the timely processing of bulk orders. Countless trials were conducted on a component durability testing bench to screen for spare parts with the longest potential service life. This process allows us to guarantee the longevity of all equipment.

We are one of the few manufacturers in the domestic industry that has accumulated more than a decade of operating experience. This mature status has allowed us to become the vice chairman unit of the Foshan Association for Medical Device Industry. In 2005, we successfully passed the certification of both CE and ISO13485. Our professional development team consists of senior engineers with at least 20 years of related experience. Our core technologies are utilized to their full extent for the continual development of new products and the optimization of existing models. A European expert with more than 20 years of dental equipment management experience has lent us his expertise. His invaluable guidance has resulted in the development of a unique series of products.

Our production facilities span 20,000 square meters and are operated by a staff of more than 200. We have a monthly output capacity of 2,000 units. A global distribution network allows us to provide worldwide coverage for more than 70 countries and regions including Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, India, Peru, Mexico, etc. Our vacuum suction system, table-top steam sterilizer, and other fine products are especially popular in Brazilian and West European markets.

The development of overseas markets has always been a top priority for us. We have placed a major emphasis on after-sales service and the fostering of long-term cooperation. Our company actively attends exhibitions in countries such as Russia, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Poland, and Bangladesh. We wish to provide customers everywhere with high quality medical devices and sincere services. Please contact us with product related inquiries; representatives are on standby to assist you.