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We fully take customers’ needs into consideration, and we know some customers may be fear of facing quality problems alone after purchase. However, our sincere after-sales service is highly appreciated by worldwide clients, making our company a trustworthy dental equipment supplier.

Here are some details about our after-sales service
  • 1 Every batch of our product comes with a certain amount of expendable parts for after-sales use.
  • 2 One-year warranty is available for our products, indicating that if there is any quality problem with our components within 1 year, we will change corresponding components.
  • 3 Under some particular conditions, for example, a batch of components is proven to be unqualified, we will arrange air transportation to replace these parts.
  • 4 After-sales training is offered free of charge. Our commercial agents could come to our factory to receive training courses on how to solve commonly seen after-sales problems, and we will provide room and board.