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JOINCHAMP is a renowned Chinese manufacturer of dental equipment, and our products are highly praised and very popular on the market. Why we are so successful?

  • Long Production History

    We have been devoted to the production of dental chair package, steam sterilizer, dental compressor and other accessories since our establishment in 2000. The long production experience makes our products quite assuring.

  • Talented R&D Team

    The engineers of our R&D team have a good command of the core technology in dental equipment industry, and this means a lot in upgrading products. In addition, there are some foreign engineers that have worked for European companies in this field for over 20 years. As a result, our medical equipment is distinctive from others.

  • Large Scale Manufacturing Plant

    The large scale manufacturing plant ensures product quality and delivery time.

  • Prolonged Service Life

    The machine parts are tested for many times to make sure that only durable ones are applied, thereby prolonging the service life of our products.

  • Emphasis on Environmental Protection

    From product design to manufacturing process, environmental protection is always regarded as a key factor in our factory. Here are some examples.
    a. After production process is finished, some iron and plastics are not suitable for further use. However, these materials are recycled by some designated companies. So, the scrap won't do harm to the natural environment.
    b. We keep pace with national policy of staggering electricity usage, which encourages enterprise to use electricity less often during peak time to save energy to the largest extent.
    c. We will make an agreement with our distributor on recycling worn electrical appliances to further protect the environment.
    d. Our dental vacuum suction system is especially developed for energy-saving considerations, and it is highly recommended to customers.